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Lord Of Pleasure (2009)

by Delilah Marvelle(Favorite Author)
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1420104497 (ISBN13: 9781420104493)
School of Gallantry
review 1: Lady Charlotte Chartwell is a self respecting widow – she really is. Right at this moment while trolling up and down the street you could not prove it to anyone including Charlotte but she knew at one time she had been. At that moment she was trying to find a man, any man who would step up and take care of her and help save her from total despair and ruin. After her husband, the late Lord Chartwell, had been murdered by one of his many lovers Charlotte tried many different household positions that just did not work out. It appeared that her late husband was not the only man that found it impossible to keep their hands to themselves and their pants buttoned. She had been dismissed from too many positions that she now could not gain respectable employment and with t... morehe bills mounting thanks to her late husband’s decision to leave her penniless she has found herself in search of a man, any man that could help her. Charlotte is sure she knows how it came to this – a horrid late husband, out of control men and a lack of money and Charlotte knew that while what she was trying to do was wrong it was all she had left – to sell her body to any man willing to pay. Once she takes her first glimpse at Alexander she is convinced he is the man for the job.Lord Alexander William Baxendale, the third Earl of Hawksford while finding himself lured by her seductive voice and beautiful face what Charlotte is proposing is unacceptable. While he wants her desperately from the moment of their first touch he knows that he cannot have her and will not destroy what little respectability he has left with the ton. For too many years he let himself run wild and had gained a reputation as the Lord of Pleasure. At the time when he ran wild he prided himself on his ability to give as much pleasure as he gave but those days were over and respectability was the time he lived in.Alexander having been by unconventional and out of control parents who led one life in front of the ton and another sexually explicit in their own home. Alexander knew that the ton forgave nothing and remembered every indiscretion with the power to ruin lives and they would never forgive him if this behavior were to continue on with him. The burden of head of the household was laid upon his shoulders when his father passed away and Alexander took on the responsibility of rearing and most importantly marrying off his five unruly sisters. That task was daunting enough since each was more complex than the other and he also had the task of keeping his mother under control – something that was a near impossible task for any man. She liked life on the wide side and that was the wrong side as far as the ton and reputations was concerned.But Alexander could not deny his desire for Charlotte and that desire leads him to The School of Gallantry where a feisty French woman with a dream teaches proper gentlemen the art of seduction and how to refine their sexuality in order to pleasure a woman on every level. While Alexander wanted no part of this he knew that Charlotte was tied up with this school and if he had to bury his pride and humble himself that is what he would do if it meant he could spend one minute in Charlotte’s presence. For that one minute brought more please to his life than he could have ever hoped for or expected.Alexander struggles and loses his battle to keep his head about him when Charlotte is around and after the shared intimacy between them he knows that all that he wanted is now of no import – he must have Charlotte and reconcile the life he desires with all of his heart with the life and responsibility that he has. But while he is making plans his sister’s create more problems than he thought possible, Charlotte fights him at every turn and he find himself kicked out of school – how did his life come to any of this. It takes allot of soul searching, apologizing and days of wooing to get things back where they should be but Alexander is a hopeful man and that hope will see him achieve the end goal – to make Charlotte his wife and the mother of a number of sons who will finally get him out from under all these females.Unbelievable! How can it be possible for your second book to be better than the first in a series? When you have read book two you will know just how you take the series to the next step and what a huge step this one is. While the first book was enchanting and well written this second book is erotic and enticing. You feel as if you are standing in a room with Charlotte and Alexander – spying if you will on them and taking part in their first kiss to their last embrace when the book concludes. You expect to like the characters and root for their successful coupling but do you ever find yourself wishing there were more pages in a book – that it would not end just yet. Lord of Pleasure makes you not only reread every page but mark the pages you have to go back to again and again and…..
review 2: I expected something just as dirty and funny and steamy as the last book by Delilah I read. Instead I found a book full of heart. While both books were about love and how tricky it can be, this one seemed more heartfelt, more full of love and affection and less carnal and lusty. It was a big difference from her last one but not an unpleasant difference. I believe there are only two sex scenes in the whole book but the build up and the emotion that fills the spaces around them is completely worth reading.Delilah writes characters that are funny and full of emotion and very real. I feel as if I could go back in time and find these people she wrote about. Lady Chartwell was beautiful in that she was hurt, she was innocent and yet not, and she was longing for something that felt impossible. Hawksford was hard on the outside yet soft on the inside, fragile in that he’d been hurt before and strong in that he went out of his way to make people feel even if what he made them feel was only carnal pleasure. And the way she builds relationships makes me look at my own writing and wonder if I’m doing it right. She twists and molds them into a living, breathing thing and I’m captivated from the start.Even if you don’t like romance novels you should give anything but Delilah Marvelle a shot. Her tension, love, and humor is worth the embarrassment of reading a book with the word ‘pleasure’ on the cover. less
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Historical novels tend not to be read in my house but I love the School of Gallantry series.
nice. Pretty predictable.
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