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The Trouble With Cowboys (2012)

by Denise Hunter(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
1595548033 (ISBN13: 9781595548030)
Thomas Nelson
A Big Sky Romance
review 1: I think this is a great end to the trilogy...I loved Dylan from the other books and wished there was more of him in them, so this book really satisfied my curiosity. Moose Creek is definitely one of those towns I would love to live in, everyone seems friendly and willing to help out and live at a little bit of a slower pace. I think the author did a great job, not only with telling the story of the characters in this book, but telling the story of this town.
review 2: I liked this book a little more than the first one because it had a cuter romance in it. Dylan is a player. He's dated everything that walks. Annie is a hard working young girl who supports her sister and her nephew. Her sister doesn't now the father of her son, Ryder. Dylan is in love with Annie,
... more but he doesn't know why. Annie has to write an advice column if she wants to save her income. She asks for the help of Dylan because she thought he would have a lot of knowledge in this field called romance. Working through all of the papers, they start to feel chemistry. Annie is also seeing the town's banker. He proposes, but she knows that he isn't the one. Annie helped Dylan wash his truck one day. They had their first kiss. Then, a lot more after that. Dylan's brother comes into town. Annie's sister Sierra sees a resemblance. Sierra and Dylan's brother used to have a summer fling. Ryder is the ending result. Sierra and Dylan's brother get married and start their life together. While watching them drive into their own life, Dylan proposes to Annie. She said yes. That is the ending of the "Big Sky Romance." less
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Another great book from Denise Hunter. What an awesome read as usual.
Loved it-- even bought the 3 rd one cause had to read them all
My favorite of this series!
Cute read! Review to come.
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