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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Book 2 (2013)

by Denise Mina(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
1401235581 (ISBN13: 9781401235581)
review 1: As someone who read the novel I found the relationship between Lisbeth and Mikael very lacking. I also found in this book there were many pages of action panels with no speaking and no sort of narration really and I found they weren't as easy to read as a story as most full action, no speech panels in other graphics I have read. There were few story discrepancies in the two volumes but some that did bother me as a reader of novels.The artwork was fantastic. and I loved the way they styled Lisbeth. She is such a great character and I think they did her justice pretty well.In all, I really though this was a well done novel to graphic novel transition and I recommend it to both people who have read the novel and for those who have not but love a good mystery with interesting ... moreand rich characters.
review 2: This is the second volume of the American comics version of Stieg Larssons's famous Millennium trilogy. It's better than the first, lackluster volume, but that alas does not mean that it's all that good. When creating an adaption and moving from one media to another you need to change things, that's a given. But in order for the new version to be of any artistic interest there needs to be a driving force, a will behind it all to make something new, something great. This is lacking in the American comics version of the Milennium trilogy. Sadly it feels more like a somewhat uninspired job-for-hire kind of deal. The craftsmanship in both storytelling and art is OK, but nothing more than that.I will probably keep reading these (I'm guessing there will be six volumes total, two per original novel), but more out of a general interest in adaptions to and from comics. And I will most definitely compare it to the French comics version, which so far (I've only glanced through the first volume) really looks great by comparison. less
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These graphic novel adaptations just don't have the same punching power as the novels. Meh.
Ihan yhtä hyvin toimiva tämä oli kuin ensimmäinenkin osa. Mielikseen luki.
This is so good A worthy adaptation of Steig's masterpiece part deux.
Excellent ending to the story.
Lovely. *sighs*
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