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Crónicas Marcianas: Adaptación Gráfica (2011)

by Dennis Calero(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
Ediciones de la Flor
review 1: I have not read The Martian Chronicles as a full novel. I picked this up because I wanted to get a sense of what it's about. Many of the stories left me confused, but I was haunted by them. I loved reading Bradbury's poetic prose throughout the panels. At the same time, it's way too confusing I think for middle schoolers and I am not going to add it to my classroom library. I'm adding the actual novel on my books to read list now,
review 2: Leaving the earth and journeying to Mars has been a long time dream of humanity. In these stories, by classic sic-fi writer, Ray Bradbury, the drawings bring to life what his words have done for half a century. The stories still haunt as the earth people come into contact with the indigenous beings that live on Mars, an
... mored then gradually push them out of the way. The lessons learned on earth, the willingness to sacrifice others to gain what you want...they travel with the space men.I picked this book up because I have been a Ray Bradbury fan ever since I first read "The Veldt" when I was about 10.I finished it because I was trying to remember the stories from the original collection.I would recommend this to Steven, he is always looking for a challenging read, and while this was not difficult, the themes are very interesting. less
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as usual, beautifully written and amazingly relevant considering it is so old
The whole thing seemed vaguely silly.
amazing I hadn't read these before.
Mind-blowing science fiction.
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