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Memoirs Of A Goldfish (2010)

by Devin Scillian(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 5
1585365076 (ISBN13: 9781585365074)
Sleeping Bear Press
review 1: "Today we are going to read "Memoirs of a Goldfish," just from the title whose point of view do you think this book will be from? Has anyone every heard the word Memoir before? A memoir tells of a person's experiences. (From the picture on the front cover) What kind of experience do you think this book maybe about?" Opening moves used:Alert children to unusual features of the text such as its structure or narrator. I drew attention to the fact that the book is from the perspective of a goldfish.Tell the meaning of a key word. Memoir is not a common word and a large number of children may never have heard it.Foreshadow the problem of the story. The picture on the cover is very colorful and engaging, it will give the children an idea of what to expect in the s... moretory.
review 2: What a great story and the pictures are just adorable. Bright, colorful illustrations and just looking at the facial expressions on the fish are enjoyable and tell a lot about how the story is being played out. The pictures center on a fishbowl as it gets congested with an assortment of vibrant, detailed items. Told in diary format this is a chronological story of a goldfish who thinks this life is grand just swimming around in his bowl and day-by-day things start to arrive in his bowl and it starts getting crowded. From Mr. Bubbles, snails, crabs, a sunken ship and more fish, the goldfish is sarcastic about his new roomies, “I was trying to find room for a swim today when Rhonda and Clark told me that they’re going to have babies soon. Like there’s room for THAT.” I just love his attitude as he gets crunched in his bowl. Everyone seems to be having a good time but the goldfish. Soon, he gets his wish and his bowl is empty again except for himself and now, he’s having second thoughts. He’s beginning to wonder how everyone will survive without him. The ending will leave smiles on your face and it just a wonderful book, which you’ll want to read again and again. less
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Really liked this concept of an add-in story with enclosed setting -- goldfish bowl. Fun ending.
LOVE the books as well as the illustrations.
What a BRILLIANT idea!
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