Wrap-Up: March

Novels: 2 Novellas/short stories: 1 Graphic novels: 1 Non-fiction: 0 Total: 4 Total: 1 078 pages Completed series/trilogies/duologies: 2 Started series/trilogies/duologies: 1
Favourite Cover:
  • Wires and Nerve
Favourite Book:
  • Wires and Nerve
3 Favourite Characters :
  • Cress (Wires and Nerve)
  • Iko (Wires and Nerve)
  • Ben (Honestly Ben)
3 Favourite Relationships (Romantic):
  • Cress & Thorne (Wires and Nerve)
  • Iko & Kinney (Wires and Nerve)
  • Ben & Rafe (Honestly Ben)
3 Favourite Relationships (Platonic):
  • Iko & co (Wires and Nerve)
  • Rafe & Claire Olivia (Openly Honestly)
  • Rafe, Toby, & Albie (Honestly Ben)
To Be Brief…

Openly Honestly: A short, but nice story to prepare for the release of Honestly Ben. And it’s for free, so yay! 3.5/5 stars

Sweet Temptation: Knowing how I felt about the original trilogy two years ago, I shouldn’t have picked up this book. So why did I? Well, I’m totally blaming it on pre-exam-insanity and the fact that no matter how problematic I find it, this series is actual book crack. 2.5/5 stars

“My man parts are crying.”

Wires and Nerve: I had so much fun reading this new graphic novel following the  crew from The Lunar Chronicles, this time with Iko in the lead. The art style is right up my alley, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the original series! (Ps. There’s plenty of Cresswell!) 4/5 stars

“I misread the romantic tension, didn’t I?

Honestly Ben: A really nice sequel to Openly Straight, which, and I think anyone who have read it would agree with me, had quite an open ending. I had some smaller issues with the writing, but overall thought it was a really good LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story about identity and doing what you think is right. 4/5 stars

“I think it’s okay to just say who you are without it being final or something. I mean, none of us are finished products. We change. We keep changing. We won’t be finished products ’til the day we die.”

Considering the circumstances (those circumstances being a huge exam), I’m pretty pleased with this month’s reading. :) I’m not sad that March is over, though, and I’m so ready for the April and May releases! Advertisements Share this:
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