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Creepy And Maud (2012)

by Dianne Touchell(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
1921888954 (ISBN13: 9781921888953)
Fremantle Press
review 1: Such a confronting read. Touchell covers so much ground. Creepy, the teenage male narrator, is honest in his observations that carry so much criticism of society behind their black humour. The teenage female narrator, Maud, is similarly disengaged from her surroundings but her observations encapsulate a different perspective on her struggles with mental health and the dysfunctional friends and family who surround her. The characters aren't likable but the book is difficult to put down. I feel that while i agree with the assessment that this novel sets a new benchmark for YA novels, the ending fails to live up as the disconnect from society the characters experience throughout the novel fades away.
review 2: Another offering on this years (2013) CBCA short-liste
... mored books. Creepy develops feelings for maud after forming a relationship with her across the boundaries their bedroom windows. They rarely meet, speak or interact except through notes and perceived thoughts they each have of the other. That doesn't mean you can't connect because this is precisely what they have done. I thought the story had a great premise but it didnt go quite far enough for me to make it wholly believable. I loved the dark humour interspersed cleverly throughout the book as well as the quotes and/or references at the beginning of each chapter. less
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Hard to finish.
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