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Dark Craving (2012)

by Donna Grant(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
review 1: This is a relatively short, but quite enjoyable first in the series. I read it months ago and still remember the story; I can't say that for many books. I have not read the next ones yet but I bought them. There is good character development for such a short story, and I liked the set-up. Cassie is having one of those days where everything that can go wrong, does. There is mystery, a hot man, and a good, steamy romance.
review 2: this one is about Cassie (human) & Hal (Dragon). She left the U.S. for a fresh start, and has flown to Scotland to live with her brother & his wife. Nothing goes right for her. She gets to Scotland to find her luggage has been lost, her brother is not there to pick her up, he left an envelope with car keys & his address & instruct
... moreions on where the car is parked and where to pick his dog up. On top of that it's cold out and she's not dressed for it. She finally finds the car and can't believe how small it is, and that it's a standard. She manages to get to the kennel, and the dog is a huge great dane. On her way to her brother's place, she gets a flat tire. She finally arrives at her brother's house to find that she doesn't have the code to get into the box to get the house key, and it's snowing out, and the dog got away from her, and she fell in the snow. Hal finds Drake (dog), and brings him back and he finds her sitting in the car freezing. He brings her inside the house (he knows the code) and warms her up and starts a fire. Hal finds that he's attracted to her, but shouldn't be. Eventually they admit their feelings for each other, then they have to face Con (King of the dragons). Neither will let the other go, even though Con tried to scare her off. They perform the bonding ceremony.During this the kings are trying to figure out why one of the silver dragons moved.It's a short book, would have loved more story. Really like the characters. The back story was told well and quickly, mixing it into the current happenings well. less
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Short and cute with little drama as what we're accustomed to. A fun read.
Reading without starting on her warriors series. Still a good read
It was good but really short.
Just loved this book!
*3.5 stars*
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