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Karate Chop: Stories (2014)

by Dorthe Nors(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
1555976654 (ISBN13: 9781555976651)
Graywolf Press
review 1: A beautiful serene, and mysterious portrait of a writer holds you in like a snake. The snake squeezes and out pours liquid gold. This short story collection by Nors takes the reader into a whole new world. A world made up of characters as real and quiet as those you don't hear in the newspapers or see on tv. They linger with traits we all share and traits we wished we did not know of each other.
review 2: Love. What a short short story should be. Stories about grief, and the process and unraveling and tying things back together. Imperfectly. My personal favorites were Hair Salon and The Wadden Sea. The title story packs a serious punch too. All the stories contain those vivid scenes and lines that you will remember eight years from now, without context, and
... more think it must be from a dream or a book you had read to you as a child, because its become such a part of you. That's what happens to me with Lydia Davis stories anyway. Just why people write. less
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SIX WORD REVIEW: Nors is the Danish Jamaica Kincaid.
Wish I could say I had enjoyed this more.
Damn near perfect.
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