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Back To Me (2012)

by Earl Sewell(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
0373534663 (ISBN13: 9780373534661)
Harlequin Kimani TRU
Keysha & Friends Novel
review 1: This is a very entertaining book about two cousins who can't stand each other. I really liked it and I think anyone would enjoy this. Are you team Maya or team Vivianna? Do you think Maya and Misalo should get back together or see other people? I think they shouldn't get back together because their relationship is too damaged, plus he dated Vivianna for a little while after they broke up so what's the point? Might I add that Vivianna always compares herself to Maya. She's insecure and wants to be Maya. She tries to take everything that Maya has which is something that Maya's sister Anna doesn't even do. Vivianna wants Maya's clothes, ex-boyfriend, and her seat at the dinner table. Vivianna has a hate obsession with her.
review 2: In my opinion Viviana needs sit
... more her old hateful but down, this long , drawn out fight between her and Maya needs to stop actually this fight is getting so old, that it became a little boring towards the middle of the book im thinking "oh, are they fighting again?" And don't get me started on her sister Anna she is so dense,why would choose your sister over someone else she shows so very little support for Maya that it disgusts me. Hopefully, Earl can take the next book in a new direction because Maya and Viviana's bickering starts to get a little nerve wracking. And did I mention Miaslo with his stupid *bleep* how could he not have noticed that something about viviana just wasnt right, all the signs were there but his head was to far up his *bleep* for him to notice. I'm almost tempted to say she should just go out with Carlo because he has better sense and wouldve known that it was viviana the whole time he was riding her around in his car putting his tongue down her throat unlike *cough* someonee. But it's something about Misalo i like less
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this book is one of the best book i've read so far.
This book was filled with drama. I enjoyed it.
Really cool book just finished it today!
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