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Guardians Of Being. Eckhart Tolle (2009)

by Eckhart Tolle(Favorite Author)
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184850120X (ISBN13: 9781848501201)
Hay House
review 1: I picked this one up because I'm a huge Mutts fan. It is a short, thoughtful book that encourages you to be in the moment, showing how our animals can help us remember to no think, but to be. McDonnell's art is wonderful, of course, and some of it is from previous work in his Mutts series, as our the characters used. A reminder of what is important in life, and how to take the time to enjoy life for what it is. Just like his comic art predecessor Charles Schultz, McDonnell reminds us with the help of Tolle's words that happiness is indeed a warm puppy (or in my case a purring cat).A nice little book.
review 2: It was Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the popular cartoon series Mutts, that first came up with the idea of approaching spiritual author Eckhart Tolle
... more with the notion of a collaboration.After all McDonnell’s simple, animal cartoons, often convey the essence of appreciating the world we live in while bring it down to the most basic level of the world of pets.Echhart agreed, added some tweaks to McDowell’s original idea, and the result is ‘Guardians of Being,’ which is both a illustrated book and a volume of inspirational messages from the master himself.While the images and words are well suited to each other, the extra value in this work comes in it’s usefulness not just to adults, but particularly to children, who would have never been exposed to Tolle’s work. With the addition of the Mutts style drawings, simple but effective messages about awareness and the here and now can be understood and embraced by readers of all ages. A natural. less
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Simple. Clear. Short. Beautiful. Just take an hour and read it.
Everyone who has a dog will understand and love this book.
Cried two times - then took our dogs hiking
simple. powerful. enlightening.
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