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The Journey Into Yourself (2003)

by Eckhart Tolle(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 4
1894884957 (ISBN13: 9781894884952)
Eckhart Teachings
review 1: I listened to this book over several months. I would take it in small doses to give myself time to absorb and apply these thoughtful teachings to everyday situations. It was uncanny how I often seemed to hear what I needed to hear at that very moment in my life. It has completely changed how I face life's difficult situations. I highly recommend it, especially to those like me who had trouble dealing with frustrating situations and people. I strive to no longer get worked up about these situations but accept and face them calmly and patiently.
review 2: This book starts out slow. I've listened to the beginning twice and still can't decide why it doesn't keep my attention. The good news is that things pick up quickly. I recommend the audiobook with one caveat
... more. There is one audience member who laughs loudly, sometimes inappropriately, and always in an irritating manner. I've read other reviews that mentioned this, as well. It didn't necessarily detract from my experience but it did leave me wondering why someone didn't edit him out. (I can't imagine having been there with this person. Being in the same auditorium with him must have been torture!) On the other hand Eckhart, too, laughs often, revealing a facet of his personality I didn't expect. It does add to his charm. The material is vintage Eckhart. If you know him you won't necessarily hear anything new but the review is helpful. less
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Have listened to the audio book. That's even better than reading a book by Eckhart Tolle.
Given that I almost gave up on Eckhart...this book is cracking my coconut open.
Excellent for spiritual seekers, especially Zen journey
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