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Fifty-Nine In '84 (2010)

by Edward Achorn(Favorite Author)
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0061825867 (ISBN13: 9780061825866)
review 1: I am fascinated by professional sports in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While the players may not have been as big, fast, or strong and modern athletes, they seem a thousand times more rugged and tough. This book focuses on a pitcher who played in the barehanded era who holds the professional baseball record for most wins in a season at an unbelievable 59. Charles Radbourn, or “Old Hoss,” played from 1880 to 1991, mostly with the Providence Grays. In 1884, pitching nearly every day, which is something I can not even fathom, he compiled his 59 wins. This book is mostly about the life and playing days of this taciturn hero, mostly forgotten by all but the most studied baseball historians.But the book is more than a biography. It also provides a glimpse ... moreinto what baseball was like in an era where pitchers pitched frequently, you caught the ball with your bare hands, and violence and dirty tactics on the field of play were the norm not an aberration. To sit back and think what a rugged, brutal, physically demanding, and even debilitating game baseball was in the late 1800’s is simply mindboggling.This book is an excellent addition to baseball history. While the author does provide a bit more day to day detail than was probably needed, it is a fascinating read and one those who love baseball history should enjoy.
review 2: This is probably one of my favorite baseball books. We always here about the great baseball heroes of early 20th century: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Hank Greenberg, etc. But we never here about the amazing players of the 19th century who endured so much more physically and economically. Its a telling story of how much baseball has changed in its hundred plus year history. The grittiness, passion, and athleticism of these forerunners of the great American pastime can't be forgotten. less
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Well researched, the game (as it was then) the era and the man all are brought to life.
Great to see this monumental achievement in base-ball history brought to life
Edward Achorn has made me want to delve deeper into that era of baseball.
Recommended by Thane Thalman
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