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Do Or Di (2012)

by Eileen Cook(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I read the book...but I had to make myself finish it. Multiple times I wanted to put it down, hence the 3 stars.In a nutshell, Erin Callighan has an interesting life. She loves the idea of having her own radio show, and gets the chance to fill in temporarily at the station she works at. She strikes up an odd love/hate relationship with Collin, the guy she is hosting with, and of course they fall for each other in the end.Outside of the radio show, she's dating a married man, lives alone, has a small passion for cooking and baking, and has a best friend who always tries to hook her up with a non-married man. Although Erin swears she is always hooked up with a guy who reminds her of one of the seven dwarves. After Erin is offered a temporary spot on the show with Collin, she... more joins a Positive Partnership program in hopes of doing a little ass-kissing for her boss so she can score her own show. During the PP, Erin is assigned to an odd young girl named Dianna who swears she is the reincarnate of Princess Di. She has a not so great life. Has mother who's not involved, no dad...stays out all the time and rarely goes home. But she has her little buddy, her dog Rooster.In a weird way, Dianna and Erin help each other out. Dianna has a hard life, Erin has a few issues of her own, and they balance each other out through a very odd relationship. It's a comical and enjoyable read. Definitely chick-lit, but cute. A little slow in the beginning but now bad at all.
review 2: It is hard to admit that I liked Erin after all of the mistakes she made, but at the end of the day she learned from them. Erin thinks she knows exactly what she wants and one of those things is a married man. After everything he does and says, after her co-workers tell her what a mistake it is, she still won't end it. She is stubborn and thinks she knows best. Not only does Jonathon show his truly colors, she loses her job. Which leads me to Colin....a guy who drops so many hints throughout how he feels that she MISSES! She has these preconceptions about him and won't see him for who he really is nor does she listen to her best friend about him either. I wanted to smack her a few times, but at the same time was waiting for her to wake up. Her one redeeming quality was that she did take an interest in Diana even after all of the initial issues with thinking she was crazy. If she would have listened to the girl early on, her life would not have tanked so bad. However, at the end of the day things do turn around for her. less
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First few pages made me laugh. I had to keep going. Great read
Cute read!! Loved the characters!
Loved the characters
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