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Never A Gentleman (2011)

by Eileen Dreyer(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 5
0446542067 (ISBN13: 9780446542067)
Drake's Rakes
review 1: Loved the storyline, but seriously wanted to harm Diccan multiple times during this book... Really had a hard time with his behavior - granted, he was trying to defend his country and protect his wife at the same time, but his insistence on keeping her completely in the dark ended up nearly killing her physically (poison) and devastated her emotionally (how many of us want to watch our husbands have sex with another woman???), and he constantly treated her with overwhelming disrespect in both public and private.I hate to admit it, but I was rooting for widowhood resulting from extensive and indescribably vicious sessions of torture.
review 2: Yikes! Not because the hero screws his brains out with another woman (such things don't even register with me), but bec
... moreause every other line hammered into the reader how 'ugly' the heroine was! Enough, don't you have anything better to write about Ms Dreyer? It could have been a great heroine, but the writer abused her all the time and then had her stay with the 'hero'. Ditch him love, and live with your treasures and your friends a nice and full life. Also the whole spy thing is badly written and could not care less about who's doing what for whom. less
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This book would have gotten 5 stars, but the H had to cheat on the h. Really???? I liked Grace....
Much better than Barely a Lady. Loved it. Loved Diccan and Grace. I hope the next is as good.
I do love watching a rake get tamed :) Fun book
Review to come...after I dry my tears.
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