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The House Of Discarded Dreams (2010)

by Ekaterina Sedia(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 2
1607012286 (ISBN13: 9781607012283)
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review 1: I thought the imagery in this book was stunning and unique. I enjoyed the fantastical beings that were less traditional than normally experienced in fantasy work. I found it a little difficult to engage with the story simply because the connective tissue was not there. I felt that the plot drifted along simply for the sake of making introductions to different parts of the house. Not a bad book though, but would not read it again.
review 2: I read little fantasy so picking up this one was an interesting experience for me. Especially given the setting and scope of the storyline, as a book of dream made flesh within the coastal world of contemporary New Jersey. Ekaterina Sedia's writing is an incredible mixture of moment-by-moment brilliance and insightful self-
... moreawareness. The book does such a fantastic job of fronting an elegant and convincing tale with this interplay between such classical allegories of storytelling and utterly original characters. While some characters are far more fleshed-out then others (haha, disregard that for the uninitiated), such as the protagonist Vimbai, each adds an interesting perspective and unique elements brought to the tale. The writing is at times terribly gripping yet succinct enough to revel in its simplicity. An excellent read and something off the beaten path for I would assume nearly every reader given the unique blend of simulcra meta analysis, fantasy elements, and quite simply solid writing. less
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Too slow and dreamy for me. Lovely language and imagery, but not what I'm in the mood for.
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