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Fifty Shades Of Grey, Inner Goddess: A Journal (2013)

by E.L. James(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 6
0345806751 (ISBN13: 9780345806758)
review 1: Oh my gosh! I have never seen such a bunch of mean spirited people! Who cares if she wrote this to make some money off FSOG? Why is this any different than other authors who cash in on their books? Twilight character Barbie dolls anyone? Harry Potter costumes, candy, amusement parks? And, truthfully, I don't get why people think FSOG is a rip-off of Twilight. I've read both series and I can tell you there are other books and authors out there that come closer to being copy-cats than these two. I personally thought all three Fifty Shades books were fabulous, loved the characters and the writing and am so hoping that the movie becomes a reality, as long as none of the actors from Twilight are in it! Thank you Ms. James for a job well done!
review 2: I think I'll
... morebuy this book for my old psychology professor so she can use it in her research for battered person's syndrome. I seriously do not know why this book or author has the press she does. How she got published is disgusting, fan fiction should NOT be published period. It's unethical and it's legality is questionable at best. What worries me more than that though is that there are people who think that what Ana and Edward...er sorry I mean Christian (I get this version and MOU confused all the time, there's only 11% difference you know)is what healthy relationships should be based on. No, just no. And I'm sorry that tampon scene was not sexy it was gross beyond belief. Obviously, James has never heard of toxic shock syndrome if she did she'd know that tampons will never, ever be considered sexy. less
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Maybe I will use this as a log to my future fireplace...
What the fuck...are you serious?
Boring and repetitive
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