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Fifty Shades Trilogy (2012)

by E.L. James(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
0345803574 (ISBN13: 9780345803573)
review 1: Sooooooo much wrong here. I honestly hated the last two books (they were totally unneeded) it seemed as though she ran out of this to write and she just starting typing anything that came to her head. I was honestly waited for anna to be hit by a spaceship; because almost every conflict they faced was ridiculous. The first book was very problematic but at any means extremely more readable then its later installments.
review 2: If you are not a Twilight fan, this is a sadistic, cheesy and unnecessarily explicit love story. The climax of the third book finally saw some action other than sexual intercourse and arguments that eventually lead to flirting and more sexual intercourse. However, the climax was so much like Twilight that one could predict the ending so e
... moreasily, and it seemed to have ended even before we see real action. There are small twists here and thereThe writing itself is also rather dull. Among the dozen sensual scenes, the wordings of the author are almost the same. Yet I'm pretty sure there are more than one way to describe an orgasm, explicitly or euphemistically. Language is easy, too plain that it doesn't really leave space for imagination to arouse and to be enjoyed. The little metaphors and better descriptions were usually too much reused that you feel pretty much desensitized after the third time the same set of words appears. All in all, if you want an exciting or breathtaking love story, go read A Fault in Our Stars. If you want an elegantly written love story, go read a Jane Austen. If you want the sensual part, just go get yourself some porn. Hell, even Twilight is better. less
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lujurioso entretenimiento adictivo carente de literatura y de personaje femenino.
All 3 books were amazing I completely fell in love with Christian Grey
Mommy Porn....wonderful books. You get swept away.
Awesome, erotical and fun
cute very cute
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