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Unexpected Endings (2013)

by Elena Aitken(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: Unexpected Endlings is by Elena Aitken. It is a Castle Mountain Lodge romance. Andi Williams returns to Castle Mountain Lodge to meet up with Colin Hartford. They met over a year ago here at the lodge and now they are returning for a romantic weekend. Andi is ready for the weekend as she hasn’t seen Colin in a month. Their long distance relationship has been working but lately it seems as though it is floundering. She is determined that this weekend will rekindle their love. However, it isn’t starting off well. Colin missed his flight and won’t be in until tomorrow about noon. Andi, of course, is disgruntled at this development. As she spends her evening with Carmen, the planning director of the Lodge, they are joined by Carmen’s friend Lisa. Lisa has ju... morest broken up with her boyfriend and is into male-bashing this night. Although she assures Andi that Colin is probably very different, her remarks encourage Andi to think the worst as Colin did say they needed “to talk”. What could he mean? Did he mean they should break up? What else can go wrong? This is a sweet story and does put closure to Andi and Colin.
review 2: I was going to mark this as a romance, but there wasn't any romance! I think we got to read about 1 kiss. The whole story is about how the main character thinks her boyfriend is going to break up with her. Depressing monologue and man bashing girls night out. Thank goodness it was only a few chapters long! I should clarify that I have not read any of the other books by the author, so maybe I would care more about this random insight into their lives if I had read the rest of her books.language: clean, heat level: mild less
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This is too short! This had way too many misunderstandings. Got old. No feeling for chemistry!
Sweet but short follow-up to Unexpected Gifts. Want more of this series.
cute short story but wish it was longer.
Is a great book to read
Great book!
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