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Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay (2014)

by Elena Ferrante(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 5
1609452232 (ISBN13: 9781609452230)
Europa Editions
L'amica geniale
review 1: I've been impatiently waiting for this installment of her Neapolitan novels since devouring her 6 previous books within a month of hearing of her work last year. This was the weakest, most tedious, of the three. It is more about 1970's Italian politics than the relationship between the two friends. All the old characters are woven back into the story, but some pairings and decouplings are a little forced. I still am drawn to the class and gender struggles and the protagonist's horrible relationship with her mother which is so very like my own. But the events aren't surprising, as they were told in the three novellas written before the Neapolitan novels, much as the protagonist had shorter works published first. As disappointing as this book was, still I impatiently await t... morehe next book.
review 2: This installment of Ferrante's Neapolitan series hits the ground running where the last one left off and never lets up. Despite the absence of a formal plot she maintains a strong momentum all the way through. There are surprising and fascinating developments in Elena Greco's life and more of the startling candor that at times almost seems to break new ground in the portrayal of human relationships. Her honesty is dazzling and brutal and this book is deeply moving. less
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I really really love this series - and I'm really excited to learn there will be a fourth book.
I can't assign stars to this book, because I'm still not sure whether I loved it or hated it.
These books are PURE joy. I wish Book 4 was translated right now!
My least favorite of the three so far.
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