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Unwrapping Hank (2014)

by Eli Easton(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 1
Eli Easton
review 1: I've never read this author before but I can tell you I will be reading her again. How can you not love Sloane? And what about the title character? Hank is definitely a conundrum wrapped in a very bulky package. Sloane has his work cut out for him trying to figure that guy out. Micah, Hank's big brother, doesn't exactly help matters either. This is a very pleasant holiday story, hell it's a great holiday story and really despite it being a Christmas tale it's really quite perfect for anytime of year.
review 2: So this was a little different to what I was expecting, it's not quite a straight forward gay for you and just like Sloan you can't really figure hank out until the last few chapters, despite seeing his POV as well.As alot of GFY books these two spe
... morend most of the book becoming friends then tip toeing around each other, but because it's Eli Easton it's not annoying, it's sweet and funny! The scene when they finally get together... phew... that was... soooo hot. Unfortunately like most Eli books though your left wanting to read more about their relationship (and more barn scenes pretty please) but it's over :-( Great Christmas Story to get you in the Christmas mood. less
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A good short read. Loved the build up - and tied up nicely at the end. A christmassy treat!
It kind of felt like two different books. A little uneven.
Really cute, hoping for Micah's story.
So much fun. Loved it
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