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The Trouble With Tony (2013)

by Eli Easton(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
1627981020 (ISBN13: 9781627981026)
Dreamspinner Press
Sex in Seattle
review 1: This was my first book by this author and oh yes, it won't be the last. I loved the quick, quirky dialogue/monologues. Tony DeMarco is an ex-cop, turned PI. He is investigating the death of a young woman who was going to a sex clinic. Tony goes undercover claiming a dysfunctional sex life, but he is unprepared for, Dr. Jack Halloran, who is going to be his therapist. A certain part of his anatomy is only too happy to be seeing the doc. I regret it wasn't a longer story, as I could not get enough of these two characters. This is a sexy, sexy, fun, fun read. I give it an examination table full of stars.
review 2: The Troubles With This One Are Few and Far BetweenThe trouble with this book is that contrary to what some other readers say, you really ought to start
... more off the series with it. Sure, all three are somewhat stand-alones, but this one sets the stage for the pattern that follows--one of the two protagonists in each book is the insatiable pursuer, the other is either clueless or hopelessly afraid of heartbreak.In this one, Seattle police detective Tony DeMarco, who grew up in Brooklyn, has a tough murder on his hands when the body of Marilyn White is found in her bedroom, dead of an overdose, discovered when her husband, Brent, returns from a business trip. After some deception and psychological head-feints, Tony finds his way to a sex clinic run by an ex-Marine doctor, Jack Halloran, because, it turns out, Mrs. White was a patient of the clinic.Tony, whose suspicions of the doctor are somewhat tempered by the fact that the doc is hot and turns him on just breathing, goes through a whole scenario of becoming an undercover patient while exploring other potential killers. Tony's personality, which I as an Italian-American from New York City was dreading to experience, are perfect--Ms. Easton hits him and his family right on the spot. Jack's personality is sympathetically developed as a recovering PTSD victim and also a sympathetic--if standoffish--romantic hero. Both men are gay, though Tony withholds that information from Jack for quite a while. There are characters here who appear in the other two novels in the series, but these two develop a relationship that is completely believable and in the end the killer is caught.The writing is smart, breezy and lots of fun and also very erotic in the right places. However, there is a big mistake in the unfolding of the murder mystery, and it's not a spoiler, but it shows that sometimes proofreaders have to read the book to catch the faux pas. In this case, Marilyn White is her married name, yet Tony's character refers to her mother as Mrs. White, when clearly it should have been a maiden name. But until I spotted that I was so hooked I didn't care. I cared very much about these guys, and Ms. Easton delivered the goods. less
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Wish there was more of it. Liked the characters, but the book just didn't go that deep.
3.5. The book was light and funny but the euphemisms were a bit much.
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