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Puzzle Me This (2013)

by Eli Easton(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
1627981624 (ISBN13: 9781627981620)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: This was a story with a interesting beginning but fell a little short in the end. Alex has a rather unique way of getting Luke's attention and it is probably one of the more unique ways to hook the characters up. The beginning had a lot of nice moments for both characters that made them vivid and memorable. Unfortunately the crisis of the book and then the resolutions seems forced and hurried. There was a lot of time getting to know the characters and getting them together and I wished that just as much time could have been spent with the problems and making up.
review 2: YES! She did it again!That's it!!! Eli Easton IS one of my "automatic buy" authors!As I said before, I love disabled characters! They sim to sort of compensate their disability with their
... more heart and emotions, and well... I'm sucker for emo (most times) when it's done well, and WELL it was done!!I loved both MC's. Luke was great, and I loved the fact that he didn't REALLY thought Alex's disability was a big disadvantage to HIM. He had fears, but only just ones, and ones he needed to just think about in a pragmatic way.He wasn't embarrassed by it, or thought it was going to make his life difficult.Alex was SO sweet and loveable, he was simply beautiful!He even made me cry (the email?? OMG, tears!!) and it does not happen a lot this days (unfortunately).So yes! Big 5 from me!! less
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3,5 starsI liked this story because it was sweet and romantic but also credible, real.
Wish it had been longer but I really enjoyed the story - great writing.
It's Eli Easton. Of course I loved it.
Sweet, light. .. easy read.
3.5 stars
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