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A Prairie Dog's Love Song (2013)

by Eli Easton(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
1627985891 (ISBN13: 9781627985895)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: I loved this sweet, little, life-affirming, heart-warming story! It really couldn't be more perfect. There is the hometown golden boy who goes off to make it big and does, but in gay porn. He's outed in his little town of ranchers and believes he can never return and hold his head up again. But there's a rancher who waits for him there, out to prove that even in small towns full of gossip and some spite, there can also be understanding and love. Just WOW.
review 2: Cowboys in Montana and Vegas--Can They Mix?This is a sweet, swift, read about cowboy angst in Montana and the international gay porn internet world in Las Vegas. Enough said? Joshua is in his mid 20s, runs the family ranch that his parents turned over to him, and also is secretly in love with h
... moreis best friend's younger brother, Ben, and has been for years. Ben has escaped his small Montana town to find himself working for a major gay porn studio in Vega. He wants to make a ton of money, and save up for college--but won't return home because he can't be open about himself there, even though he doesn't quite know if he's gay. Just in lust with Joshua, with whom nothing has ever been hinted, let alone happen.And so it goes. Very typical scenario, a bit unusual in its resolution, highly charged in its passion eventually. Loved the way we get to the end of the trail here. Worth it. less
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Completely unrealistic, but still fun to read. I'll try just about anything by Eli Easton.
great story, good narration. Short and sweet.
3.25 stars
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