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Le Cas Sonderberg (2008)

by Elie Wiesel(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 4
2757812688 (ISBN13: 9782757812686)
review 1: absolutely loved Night and thought I'd love this book, but sadly it's not to be the case. Maybe it was because I carried this book around for months, hence a lot of stopping and starting. To me though, it was pretty tedious as the trial went on. It also shuffled back and forth between the trial and recollections of his family making it hard to follow at times. It got more interesting in the last 50 pages or so when he started to delve into his childhood a little more with his therapist and what really happened with the character on trial, but wish it hadn't taken so long to actually start to become interesting.
review 2: I thought this book was very dull,it lacked the emotion that I thought it would have,judging by the synopsis. The characters were almost f
... moreorgettable, between Yedidzah career path as a theater critic and him longing for the men that helped him, it was not anything to be excited. I understand what the author was trying to convey when there is a lifeless body found I was expecting something amazing but to no avail, it has grown stale. This was not what I expected,now I am going to have second thoughts before reading a book that "looks" good. less
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Great prose as it is usual with Wiesel. Interesting plot and surprising and meaningful ending.
Very good novel about a Jewish journalist who was an infant during the Holocaust.
Not as much as his some of his other work, although also better than some too.
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