¿sigue funcionando mi “Mojo”?

Although this is a step into a darker dimension for me, resorting to black magic for the recovery of the many items stolen from us in Todos Santos, both during our absence and, more recently, right under our noses, is likely to produce no more successful results than the efforts of local authorities. But it did help me release some pent up anger and frustration. Following is an English translation:

I put bread, salt and lard for the thief upon the fire, for thy sin and temerity so dire. I place them upon thy lungs, liver and heart, that thou art troubled with terror and smart, a distress shall come over thee with dread as if thou wert to be smitten dead, all veins in thy body shall burst and break, and great havoc and trouble shall make, that thou shalt have no peace nor rest, till what thou hast stolen thou hast returned and brought all back from whence it were taken. Three times to recite and every time the three holiest names spoken. 

Among the things stolen are all the electrical wiring (copper), a chain saw, a power drill, a beautiful sewing machine given to us by a departed friend, a dolly, all of Gail’s crafting and beading tools, and an Ipod and a stereo.




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