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Chill (2010)

by Elizabeth Bear(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
0553591088 (ISBN13: 9780553591088)
Jacob's Ladder
review 1: It's a peculiar talent of Elizabth Bear's to write such "classic" sci fi, yet approach it in such a non-linear, Jungian way that just as I think I'm following along fine, the tale derails itself into tendrals of half-understood action and plots. It was moderately tolerable (for an absolute linear, non-intuitive like myself) in books 1 and 3. But in book 2 the whole last couple of chapters was near incomprehensible. Realistic - in that reality does not follow clean, comprehensible lines of cause-and-effect plot outside of novels. But ultimately terribly frustrating because it puts the story out of my reach.... Makes me feel like a child listening in on adults' conversation, trying weakly to follow along as things beyond my ken are discussed. A good way to stretch one's... more brain I suppose....
review 2: This series hits on and mixes up a lot of elements/tropes that I tend to love: combination of SF and F, an overall mythic/epic feeling, generation ships, far future setting, lost colonists, broken heroes, sacrifice, questing, rebuilding after an apocalyptic event, dysfunctional royal families, heroic women, characters nobly striving despite their personal damage, etc. etc. So, the books really work for me. (Like I've said before, Bear is hit and miss for me, but the hits really hit and the Jacob's Ladder books are probably my favorites of hers.) less
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Suffers a bit from middle-bookitis. My bad, but I had a big problem with calling a basilisk "Gavin".
Not as good or as exciting as dust but still a good book with a captivating story and characters.
Weird, different but really interesting
I love this trilogy. Eager to read #3.
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