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Against The Tide (2012)

by Elizabeth Camden(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 6
0764210238 (ISBN13: 9780764210235)
Bethany House Publishers
review 1: Lydia, orphaned at a young age, is hired by the Navy as a translator in Boston's Navy Yard. Desperately trying to earn enough money to keep her apartment, she agrees to do some extra translating work for a business associate of her boss. She becomes entangled in his fight to bring down a powerful opium dealer as she also fights against her own opium addiction. This was melodramatic, sappy, and required a complete suspension of disbelief to read. It sufficed for a snowy morning read.
review 2: Lydia grows up on her father's fishing boat in Europe and for a brief time in the US. One day her father's boat goes out to fish with her parents and sibling on board while Lydia attends school, and they don't come back. Lydia speaks little English and is sent to an o
... morerphanage, where she applies herself to her schoolwork and eventually ages out of the orphanage. We really get to know her while she is working as a translator at the Navy Yards. Her boss, an Admiral, has a frequent visitor now and again in Alex "Bane" Banebridge and before Lydia knows it, she is involved with Alex, trying to thwart the opium trade in the US, espionage, and a few other things. Lydia is a women of impeccable character hardworking, loyal, and trustworthy. Alex is a Christian man of principle, dedicating his life to atoning for his earlier shady history with the opium trade. This is a story of finding oneself and one's purpose in life, self forgiveness, healing, and overcoming addiction.A very enjoyable read for some dreary wintry days! less
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This book had an interesting plot. However, the author tried to weave too much religion into it.
I didn't love the writing -- maybe a little too juvenile? Only read 40% of the book.
Great story with a nice message. A historical romance with a bit of intrigue.
I thought I wouldn't like this one because of Bane but I loved the mystery.
I had trouble finishing this one. It just seemed to drag on.
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