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Quilt Or Innocence (2012)

by Elizabeth Spann Craig(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 4
0451237331 (ISBN13: 9780451237330)
A Southern Quilting Mystery
review 1: Cute little cozy that I quite enjoyed. I didn't find the quilting tips or recipes included particularly inspiring but no complaints, just don't make many quilts and not going to rush out and try any of these particular recipes. I liked the characters and found the story quite readable and fun. I do wish the corgi had a bigger role... In real life, a corgi has as big a personality as Boris has a body! True they will flop right over if they think there is a chance for a belly rub and true that they love to go on walks and true that they will eat until one bite before actual explosion and cannot be free fed. It's just that they think they are large and in charge and do not hesitate to participate...
review 2: This is a delightful cozy mystery. It is the firs
... moret of a series that I look forward to reading. I got the book from our quilt guild's library. It is well written, easy to put down but wonderful to pick up again. The story is about a woman who has just retired from being a curator in Atlanta. She moves to a small town in North Carolina to be near her daughter. As she becomes acquainted with the local people, she finds herself investigating a murder. As with all cozy mysteries, the characters are quirky but imitate life. The mystery was not easy to solve and the actual murderer was somewhat of a surprise. less
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I enjoyed this first book in a new quilting cozy mystery series.
Norma's review unable to download a book???
yeah not giving my reviews away to Amazon,
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