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The 28 Days Lighter Diet: Your Monthly Plan To Lose Weight, End PMS, And Achieve Physical And Emotional Wellness (2014)

by Ellen Barrett(Favorite Author)
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0762787678 (ISBN13: 9780762787678)
review 1: I admit that I originally picked up this book because I love Ellen Barrett, not because I was particularly interested in the subject material. I'm pleased to report that Ellen is just as fun and inspirational in book form as she is in her Pilates DVDs. The book includes a wealth of information, including a basic biology refresher course to meal suggestions and helpful Yoga poses for each phase of the cycle. I especially like that it isn't a rigid "all or nothing" system, rather we are encouraged to incorporate what we can into our lives. I only wish that the title of the book didn't include the word "diet"...I think the word has a negative connotation for many of us (I agree with Garfield the Cat when he wisely said "Diet is Die with a T"). In any case, I found this t... moreo be very thought-provoking and can prove to be a useful book for pre-menopausal women.
review 2: This book was definitely something I had never encountered before. First - it is very poorly named. It is not a diet book. What it is is a book about the different phases of your cycle and ideas for lifestyle choices to do in each one. There is information on exercise, yoga, diet (specifically what your nutritional needs are in each one) and other areas. There are some simple recipes as well. I found it very interesting and I am hoping to implement some of what I learned. I would recommend this to any woman searching for a bit more balance throughout the month :). less
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I love this book with all the information it gives on getting healthier.
good information, plan to include some of the ideas into my life
A lot of great information.
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