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Open Road Summer (2014)

by Emery Lord(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
0802736106 (ISBN13: 9780802736109)
Walker Childrens
review 1: Open Road Summer has moved onto my favorite contemporaries list. The premise of being the best friend of a super star was so much fun to read about! Each character in this book was lovely, complex, and dear to my heart. The love interest was adorable and realistic too. It was cute but real (well as "real" as it gets between a famous guy and a girl with some baggage). I was entertained throughout the whole book, truly invested in Reagan's story and not just waiting until the next cutesy scene. The story made me care about more than a love story between two teens. This book was more than a fluff contemporary. It was a wonderful story of friendship, family, and learning to take chances. Congrats to Emery Lord on such a great first novel. I can't wait to read whatever she writ... morees next.
review 2: Two words: totes adorbs. Lilah (think Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift) is going on her first headlining summer tour. She's still aching over the breakup with her IWLYF BF, Jimmy. But with her bad girl, brunette, gorge, stiletto-heel wearing BFF, Reagan, going on the tour with her, this summer is shaping up to be the best one ever. Unfortunately, scandal almost immediately joins the tour. Someone photoshopped an innocent picture of Lilah and Jimmy kissing to make it look like they were naked (gasp!). Lilah's PR rep is on damage control. Fortunately, Lilah's friend and former teen heartthrob, Matt Finch, is available to join the tour and pretend to be Lilah's sweet, new boyfriend. It's a summer of fun with a side of drama and some sparks between Reagan and Matt. This story is fun and highly readable. Definitely chick lit (but well-written chick lit). Not a lot of conflict in the plot and everything happens the way the reader will want it to happen, but all of that made it that much more of a fun read for me. As for Gateway, it's a contender. less
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My kind of lovely romance with just the right hero and mix of complications to make it interesting.
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