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The Sleeper (2013)

by Emily Barr(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Intriguing book from Emily Barr, of whom I had good expectations having read some of her other books. Her previous books have seemed to acquired a "serious chick-lit" tag, perhaps because she writes strong female lead characters. This was quite different and much more of a thriller. The Sleeper is quite a page-turner and has a few good plot twists, and does have some very strong female characters - not just Lara & Iris but Olivia stands out too (in fact, the male characters, although there are several and they are varied, faded into the background in comparison).
review 2: Oh Ms Barr what are you doing writing such a load of twaddle. I used to really love your books but this one had so many holes in it, I could have not just put a coach and horses through but
... morea train and a Boeing 407 too. Plus the fact that the main character, Lara, was totally unlikeable and the "villains" should have come wearing a black cape and twirling their moustaches. However, it passed a few hours and I didn´t give up on it hence the 3 stars. less
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It was good and I enjoyed it but it wasn't all that. I expected a lot more!
boring chick lit for the first half, unbelievable plot for the second.
three and a half stars. good beach book
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