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Reavers' Ransom (2008)

by Emily Diamand(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 4
1905294972 (ISBN13: 9781905294978)
Chicken House Ltd
Raiders' Ransom
review 1: The adventurous, fast-paced action of Raiders' Ransom had me speeding through this dystopian novel. The female protagonist, Lilly, must use her courage and grit to navigate the waters around what was once England and rescue the prime minister's daughter. Only ten counties of England are left after the environmental impact of the sea level rising. This book is an interesting mix of the medieval and the futuristic. The first book in a series of two...I'm looking forward to the next one!
review 2: A band of 22nd century raiders, who are part viking part gang, storm Lilly Melkin's quiet village. They kidnap the Prime Minister's daughter and kill Lilly's grandmother. Thirteen-year-old Lilly returns from fishing to find death and destruction. The Prime Minster
... moreblames the village sending off all the young men to fight in the up-coming war and throws the village leaders into prison. Lilly disguised as a boy sets off to ransom the girl with an artifact from before the breaking-a strange talking jewel. Set in a distopican world where London is under water and Greater Scotland possess solar technology, Lilly with only her wits and her sea cat attempt to save her village and stop a war. less
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Its very exciting, and its intresting cause its written in the future.
Interesting plot hook, but mediocre writing and setting.
Interesting idea, but slow and a little boring.
love it
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