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That Time Of The Month (2000)

by Emily Shaffer(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I bought this on recommendation from the author and a special offer. So I really wanted to like it but didn't, I'm afraid.An annoyance at first was that all the text was to the left side of my Kindle and I've never had a book do that before. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else ? However, no spelling or grammatical errors in what I did read so it gets an extra star for that !!I am guessing the author is a lot younger than I am as it seemed to be written for the young adult market and I found a lot of the dialogue quite juvenile so it really didn't work for me. Sorry, Emily.
review 2: Every once a while, I know before I even open a book that I am going to love it. That is what happened with That Time of the Month. I'm not sure if it was the synopsis, th
... moree title or just my psychic tendencies but the minute I saw the book featured on Chick Lit Plus, I knew I had to read it and that it would become a favorite.Ellie just lost her job as a contract attorney at a NYC law firm. Although she hated the job, it was what kept her living in New York. Without a paycheck, she will be forced to move back to her hometown in Tennessee to live in her older brother's "toy" room. Unless she gets a new job, Ellie will only have enough money to stay in New York for a month and so comes up with a plan. In one month, she will write a book which will lead to an offer for representation from her dream literary agency and an eventual publishing contract. Ellie finds the perfect coffee shop to do her writing and is positive that her literary dreams will come true. And if she can just learn to open her heart and believe in herself, she might just find love too.Ellie was a hilariously endearing and quirky main character. I adored her and there were times while reading this novel that I thought we might be kindred spirits. I shared many of her inner thoughts, as well as a tendency to get caught in awkward situations and fall in public. Ellie, however, lets her freak flag fly a bit higher than I do and it was a pisser to read! There were moments when I wanted to strangle her for jumping to conclusions and acting too hasty but it was that conflict that also kept me turning the pages to find out how everything would be resolved. I loved Ellie's best friend Beth. I think most of us have a friend who is slightly cooler than us, but when that person is also always in your corner, it's priceless. The love interest, while a bit too good to be true, was that perfect combination of romantic, egnimatic, supportive and cool (and twinkly). I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a light hearted, funny chicklit book with an endearingly flawed main character. less
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Fluffy and delightful like a souffle (or should that be a pie?) - a humorous, fun read.
Hilarious! Best quick read novel I've had in years! Truly loved this book!!
fun book and cute ending to boot.
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