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The Lola Quartet (2012)

by Emily St. John Mandel(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 4
1609530799 (ISBN13: 9781609530792)
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review 1: This book came together nicely in the final few scenes, but it struck me as too one-note and superficial throughout. All major characters are saddened and weakened by a past mistake, and everyone struggles to cobble together a new identity. This trope wouldn't necessarily be a problem, except that there really isn't much of a struggle put up by any of the characters. They seem more or less resigned to their failures, and what small attempts they make to improve their lots mostly happen outside the narrative. The novel is strangely both reliant on plot to hold the reader's attention, while determined to make sure that not too too much happens on the page. The jacket copy claims the book is a "literary thriller," but the characters are too lacking in interior lives for it to... more be literary, and there's not enough suspense for it to be a thriller. I will say again, though, that I found the final resolution between Anna and Gavin very satisfying in a surprising and thought-provoking way. Gavin makes more interesting choices in the last ten pages than he did in the entire rest of the book. I would've loved to see that level of complexity, and to see more characters actually interact with each other, throughout the novel. All this said, I'm looking forward to reading more from ESJM. I think The Lola Quartet was an ambitious project that missed, but that ambition is a strong indication that the author will eventually produce something great.
review 2: I was eager to read this because i loved Last Night in Montreal. I almost gave up on this book several times. I don't think I've ever given 2 stars to a book that I actually finished! Anyway, all of the characters were such pathetic people and I found myself not caring about any of them. I stayed with the book only because the author is an expert in building suspense and also perhaps because I hoped that in the end, I would change my mind about one or more of the characters. That didn't happen. I do really like this author's style though--so onto the Singer's Gun. less
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I always enjoy Mandel's novels--there's something about her writing style. A nicely-crafted book.
Found myself skimming through the last half of the book. Not equal to the hoopla.
Just OK. The story wasn't believable, really. I also didn't like the ending.
Good book, but depressing ... talented people but who destroy their lives.
No me gusta.
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