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La Musica Delle Parole (2012)

by Emily St. John Mandel(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 1
8865081775 (ISBN13: 9788865081778)
review 1: I picked this up after reading Station Eleven - another fabulous book by Emily St. John Mandel. This is such an unusual story, full of tragic but beautiful characters and framed within the scenery of a frigid Canadian landscape that is described so well, I read most of this while shivering under an extra blanket. I was also, for the first time in a long time, brought to tears while reading. I'll be reading her other novels in short order..
review 2: Emily's writing is so beautiful. My feelings about the story waxed and waned a bit throughout, but in the end I was very moved by it (as witness on the PATH train can attest to, as I cried my way to a party in Jersey City tonight...woohoo!). And again, she really is an amazing writer--mature and confident, which is
... moreunusual in a first book. Her language flows beautifully and, while sometimes lyrical, never feels forced or inauthentic. I am now looking forward to reading her subsequent books. less
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I wasn't that impressed. Not a total waste of time but I'm in no rush to lend this to a friend.
I read this for a grad school class and loved it and the characters all the way through.
I liked it but I can't say it's staying with me in any way.
Thrilling debut novel with beautiful vignettes.
Very good mystery book.
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