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Radiant Darkness (2009)

by Emily Whitman(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
0061724491 (ISBN13: 9780061724497)
review 1: The plot and writing is just fine, but there isn't anything particularly standout about it either. It was a perfectly ordinary book. I don't think I'd read it again, because it just wasn't memorable. It's a retelling, but a pretty straight forward retelling other than the idea that Persephone isn't kidnapped, but runs off with Hades. This might seem like enough of a different view to make it unique, but I've read quite a few Persephone retellings and this particular one didn't take enough of a unique view to make it standout.It was perfectly adequate.
review 2: Maybe it was the Greek Mythology related background that hooked me onto this book, but it certainly lived up to its promises. An interesting twist on the centuries old tale of Hades and Persephone’s st
... moreory, leading to a brand new view of this ancient myth. Young (or not so young, she’s immortal after all) Persephone lives in a “Paradise Cage”, her clothes are made of the finest smothering materials and the vale contained undying beauty greater than any man can ever imagine. But the time came when physical fulfillments were simply just not enough when one day Persephone met the Lord of the Dead. She fell in love with the one man that her mother can not possibly begin to understand and so opposite of her nature. Left to choose between the love of her life and her dear mother, what will Persephone do? It is not just a story about wandering off into the fields and getting kidnapped by the evil lord but a tale of heartbreaks, love, and power. less
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I never expected Hades to be handsome...maybe Perspephone just has unique taste?
Fun retelling. Flat characters. Interesting twist on the myths.
This is one of my favorite versions of the Persephone story.
One of my favorite Greek myths come to life!!!
If love reading mythology , read this book
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