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A Secret Alchemy (2008)

by Emma Darwin(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 4
075533065X (ISBN13: 9780755330652)
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review 1: I didn't find this book as hard to read as others seemed to, and managed to get through it in a few days. To be perfectly honest I can't remember all of the details, since I read it back when I was sixteen - about five years ago. I went into the book knowing virtually nothing about the time period. I was expecting the focus to be more on the Princes and what had happened to them in the Tower. Evidently this wasn't the case as it followed the life of Elizabeth Woodville, the Princes' mother, both from her own perspective and the modern perspective of Historian (I think) Una.Although it wasn't what I had expected, I found the novel interesting and insightful, helping to ignite my interest in the War of the Roses, Medieval England, etc. It was one of the first books of the Hi... morestorical Fiction genre - which I now love - that I had read and so, for that reason, I suppose sentimentality could be clouding my judgement. Either way, as a whole, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to any budding Historian.
review 2: I love this book. Unlike most people on here, I thought the change between perspectives was brilliant. Each character had their own voice, their own tongue, their own feel. You find yourself connecting on the same level as each one of them, falling in love with each one of them. And the ending was refreshing, although leaving the reader a little lost about what happens after the book ends. Which is fine, life goes on in ways we don't get until it's over, like Darwin says. Loved it! A good read for someone who wants to be enthralled and consumed by a story! less
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I must agree with Tara, the back and forth make us loose the focus into the main plot.
Well written. Well researched. Written for a Phd with complex interwoven story lines.
worst novel ever.... seriously.. i didn't even complete it
I just couldn't get into it. I really tried. :(
very hard to follow, but interesting
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