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Billow (2012)

by Emma Raveling(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 5
0984022554 (ISBN13: 9780984022557)
Mandorla Publishing
Ondine Quartet
review 1: Billow was a great follow up to Crest. Kendra is starting to learn what being the sondaleur truly means, piece by brutal piece. She's also realizing that she isn't walking the lonely path she always has anymore. Somehow people have wormed their way into her life, and her heart, even though she tried to fight it. I'm not sure what was the larger struggle for Kendra here, navigating her way through the hardships of the responsibilities and being the sondaleur or figuring out how to deal with having relationships with people. We learned in Whirl how Kendra was raised to take care of herself, and NEVER form any kind of attachments. Well in Billow we really get to see what that means for her while she flounders through trying to understand others and what her role in a relation... moreship really is. I loved this! It's one thing to be told someone is a certain way, and it's another to watch the person deal with the inevitable repercussions because of it. Now, while I loved the journey of self discovery that Kendra was on.....I could have done without all the whining she did. I get that she was brought up in such a foreign way, that she was struggling with basic social skills that normal people acquire when they are in elementary school, but sometimes it was agony to listen to her incessant whining. Sometimes I wanted to reach through my Kindle and just shake her a little. Obviously Kendra is the star of the show, but there's something to be said for all these other AMAZING side characters. They all truly shine in this book. I'm not going to lie, Julian's wit and relentless flirtatious behavior with Kendra charmed me. I mean Tristan is fabulous and all, but he's also somewhat intangible right now. Which is precisely what makes Julian's in your face, I'm right here and my body is ready, attitude alluring. I just hope that he doesn't break my heart in the end. Stay good Julian, don't turn into a villain if Kendra doesn't choose you in the end!!!!
review 2: I really liked this book, but I did not take it as close to heart as book one since the heroine for me became some annoying. But still, overall a really great read, and I do understand the conflict. To be able to change for the better or worse, there must be a conflict of emotions etc that truly makes us who we are. Its just... well.. for me it became too much and too annoying at times. Overall a great second to a really interesting series. t less
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These books are so freaking good!!!!!
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