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Amelia's Last Secret (2012)

by Eric Wilson(Favorite Author)
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Writer's Blade Press
review 1: I got this Kindle book while it was free on Amazon.Initially, I had no idea who Amelia Earhart was. The first time I heard or learnt about her was... from the movie Night at the Museum 2 (I think), and it was only then that I started to google her up. And that's how I know something about her... not much, but something.And that's why I got intrigued when I saw the title of this book.This book is split into 4 parts, spanning 3 different timelines. First Amelia's time, then some years after, and then currently, and in the last part back to Amelia.Basically this is a story making an attempt to unravel the secret of Amelia's last flight. What happened on board, the outcome, and the final horror after the crash.The latter timelines are about the attempted searches and discoveri... morees about Amelia's last days.A very intriguing read indeed!
review 2: What happened that caused Amelia Earhart’s plane to crash 75 years ago where it did as opposed to where it was supposed to? Was it simple plane trouble or was sabotage involved? Was she trying to escape or run away from someone or something? Was Amelia caught up in something like espionage on behalf of the United States to report on the activities of the Japanese at the time when World War II was being fought?There have been endless questions and scenarios that have been presented to explain the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. However, no one knows what truly happened on that last flight. Perhaps one day, the truth will finally be revealed. Although, honestly, I think it is much more fun to have an unsolved mystery where one can think of a myriad of events and explanations as to what really happened to this adventurous, social trend-setting, mystery of a woman.Eric Wilson attempts his own explanation of Amelia’s disappearance in this novella. He brings along his meticulous detail to research, as well as his boundless imagination, to bear in this fun adventure of his. While this story may feel a little choppy at times as it jumps and skips along, it lays out Eric’s best, most inventive guess as to the fate of Amelia.To me, I felt the way the story flowed helped to succinctly navigate you through the most critical times with the most efficiency in relation to the length of the story itself. You may feel like you are being rushed along, but afterwards, as you reflect, you begin to realize just how much you actually experienced in that short amount of time. It’s quite a head rush actually, and left me wanting not only to know more of what Eric thinks happened, but also of what is known to have actually happened and then to make up my own story from there.I would recommend this book to anyone with any level of curiosity concerning unsolved mysteries. Unsolved mysteries have always proved to be a huge interest to me. I am the type of person who wants to know more. I continue to ask questions after the presenter has finished talking. I bug those around me with one what-if scenario after another which is why I truly enjoyed this story. I was very pleased to see Eric continue to stretch and expand his fictional repertoire with a story such as this one plucked straight from history itself. His creativity and writing ability made this story the provocative and exhilarating breath of fresh air that it is. less
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ok. nothing stellar. the writing was good until the modern chapter and then it fell apart for me.
2 stars. not very good, glad it was short. a few interesting facts.
ok story -
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