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Zločin U Židovskoj četvrti (2006)

by Ernesto Mallo(Favorite Author)
3.11 of 5 Votes: 4
Znanje, Zagreb
Inspector Lascano
review 1: It must be hard to live in a world where every woman is either a whore or a manipulator,or a frigid religious fanatic. And every man is handsome, tough, walks with his genitals thrust forward (or in his hand) , and is a sexual target for every female he comes across. Enough with the machismo already! This is a great book for a guy who hates women. However, if you are looking for a good mystery, I recommend Connolly or Sanford. This story is very disjointed with no apparent connection. It bounces around from character to character. I'm sure he ties it all together somehow, but I got so tired of reading the word whore (the main character describing his wife) that I finally quit reading. Not sure where this author is coming from. This is another one that I'm glad I ... moredidn't spend money on. Sorry,but I found it very offensive and I usually have a pretty thick skin. This crossed the line for me. I hope he finds a nice girl someday.
review 2: Not a detective story per se, although there is a detective, or rather an inspector in it (not sure of the difference). This is more of an account of the joys of living under the right wing dictatorship of the 1970s. Around 30,000 people "disappeared" during the Dirty War, but this book chronicles only a few of these. That part of the story was interesting, but there were a couple of things here that detracted from this being a very good book (as opposed to just a good book): 1. the way the dialogue was written I couldn't tell who was speaking when. Personally, I like the convention of indent, followed by quotation marks and an occasional "said so and so." This stream of everyone talking at once only confused me. 2. there are some really old-fashioned portrayals of women here. The men are real, but the women are whores or frigid neurotics or saintly innocents. Two dimensional and very femme fatale. less
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The writing style was difficult to get into, but once started I motored along at a comfortable pace.
Nelose, tmurno, cita se u komadu...
gave up on for now.
Very dark...
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