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Cool Beans (2010)

by Erynn Mangum(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
1600067115 (ISBN13: 9781600067112)
NavPress Publishing Group
Maya Davis
review 1: I have wanted to read this for a long time but now that I have I am wondering what the book was about. This is a story of a young woman named Maya Davis and her roommate Jen, her best friend Jack, her family, her young adult bible study group. Oh her dog! Don't forget her dog. It just felt like there wasn't much of a story that anyone would care about. It was like she got up and went to work at the coffee house with her best friend Jack, she went to dinner at her parents once a week. Just nothing out of the ordinarily. I live her life - when I am reading a book I want a little excitement. This one was just a little boring.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. It was a fresh, funny, and NORMAL! I'm sorry, but normal is so under-rated. This was a simple story o
... moref a twenty-something girl who has a few problems that aren't too weird, is a Christian without being fake, and...well...just has a pretty normal life. I was very happy with it. Even though, I don't drink coffee (love the smell, hate the taste), that part of the story didn't get too overwhelming. I was afraid that it might. I was cool with it though. The characters were great. Mangum didn't give very much physical description, which I was kind of disappointed with. She made you imagine everything. I like knowing what a person looks like, but I will admit, I hate long descriptions of rooms and clothes. That usually gets on my nerves unless it's very well done. Either way, I wish she would have given more descriptions of her characters. The characters themselves were great. The storyline was good, nothing overly dramatic (which I was thankful for) and once again, NORMAL! I will be checking out the next in the series. less
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I REALLY enjoyed this book! Every time I sat down to read it I had to get a cup of coffee!
This is a nice light read with Christian base and some scripture.
Easy read plus I enjoyed it! Christian book plus romance
Enjoyed this story. Very light-hearted and fun.
Cute chick lit! :)
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