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Latte Daze (2010)

by Erynn Mangum(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 1
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Maya Davis
review 1: I didn't care for this sequel as much as I enjoyed the first book. There were some instances where it was more of mature discussions that were a bit uncomfortable subject matter (though I felt they were handled very well).Also, I didn't care for the cover art since a wedding didn't actually take place in this book. There was some wedding dress hunting and prep but not an actual wedding. I thought it would have been cuter to do two of the decorated ceramic coffee mugs that Cool Beans supposedly used for serving coffee. Would have been so cute!I thought the relationships and dynamics between characters was really good in this book. They definitely did some growing and changing. In that respect, it was a satisfying sequel. I just thought it wasn't quite as good as book one. I... more would technically give this book 4.5 stars.
review 2: In *Latte Daze*, book two of Erynn Mangum's *Maya Davis Series*, several months have elapsed since the end of the first book. Maya and Jen have reconciled from the hurt of Maya's secrets about having dated Jen's current boyfriend years back. Maya's also been dating her fellow coffeehouse Barista, Jack, for a couple of months now. Things are going well, but things always change. New periods in our lives begin, and bring with them completely different dramas with which to be dealt. Jen's current boyfriend (Maya's ex) Travis has asked her to marry him. That's not stressful as Maya has dealt with her issues. What *is* stressful is (in Maya's role of Jen's Maid of Honor) dealing with Travis' family, Jen's family, and worrying over whether she is a good enough girlfriend to Jack. I never was much into the whole “contemporary fiction” genre before this series. Now I am (with some uncertainty, admittedly) *starting* to warm up to it. Though the series is written for teenagers, I can still find quite a bit to enjoy about the humor, and the messages. The two key messages I could see in the story are that God can save anyone, but HE saves them, not us. When Maya and Jen show impatience with Jen's mother, she gets nowhere, but when they show kindness, and (most importantly) rely on the Holy Spirit, God can and does take it from there. The second lesson is that life changes. It will always change. People, places, events, friendships, ALL of life is undependable. Except God. He doesn't change. He is the one we can always count on in every situation. The story reminded me of an analogy made by both C. S. Lewis and (more recently) Randy Alcorn. That is that though our lives may not *seem* to be working out in the perfectly plotted story lines as they do in this or other novels, that is *exactly* what is happening. Our earthly plots just appear longer to us, though really they are not in the scope of eternity. We need simply to trust in the great Author Who writes our stories, and weaves the individual character arcs into the great Story of the Universe that He is framing. That is the lesson I took from this second *Maya Davis* book.Recommended. less
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Cute story. Its funny that some of the stuff really ties to whats going on in my life now, too.
Love this book! Made me laugh outloud and the characters are so real!
fun, easy, quick read.
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