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Dogboy (2009)

by Eva Hornung(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
Text Publishing
review 1: Det här en bok som växer och bli bättre desto mer jag lyssnar. Jonas Malmsjö gör som vanligt ett strålande jobb, med hans tydliga och medryckande röst missar jag inte en stavelse. Författaren har en härlig förmåga att åskådliggöra en bildmiljö ur en text som jag att jag under berättelsen ser Moskkvas slumkvarter framför mig. Hennes berättelse är tidlös eftersom jag till en början inte kan klargöra i vilket årtionde jag befinner mig.
review 2: I don't know what to give this book really, so I settled at a 2 for now. The beginning is slow, and it was hard to see a point. I also had a deep feeling of dread at the beginning that I cannot quite explain, besides the subject matter itself. I think I was expecting it to take a much different tr
... moreack than it did. It picked up speed at the end and I was a little surprised by how attached I had grown to all of the characters. Ramochka himself is fascinating with his adaptability and wits. I was reminded of a case I had learned about in an Abnormal Psychology class in college of a feral child; for a little bit I thought this book was strongly based off of it even.This book has a lot of strong swearing and some graphic descriptions involving death, hunting, what the dogs and Ramochka eat, etc.Edit: I changed it to a 4, obviously (not a 5 because I really don't want it being counted as one of my favorites). I really shouldn't review things when I'm exhausted. I may not have "really liked it" but it Was amazing: the writing was excellent. Hornung is a talented author and her portrayal of such difficult topics and personalities is strong. I will be very, very wary of recommending this book to anyone, but Hornung's skills are fascinating. less
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Excellent fiction. The smells were so real. Just an extraordinary story, beautiful.
I enjoyed this book, beginning to end..
A very amazing book! Surprised me!
Too depressing to continue with.
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