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Los Animales De Burden Hill: Ritos Peludos (2011)

by Evan Dorkin(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 1
Norma Editorial
Beasts of Burden
review 1: A series of stories of a rag-tag group of dogs (and a cat or two) who go on adventures battling supernatural forces. Gorgeous artwork by Jill Thompson, and the stories get better with each one. There's one particular story in here about an animal torturer that will break your heart into a million pieces, especially Thompson's haunting final panel of the story. Just beautiful. I'm sad, though, upon finishing it, that they've set it up like it's the beginning of a new set of stories, and there hasn't been a single new one in the 4 years since this volume was put together. Here's hoping Thompson and Evan Dorkin join forces once again to continue these adventures.
review 2: I wasn't sure what to think of this graphic novel at first. Initially I thought it was for k
... moreids, until the pug started swearing and the scenes got a bit too spooky and gory for children. I'd maybe place it under young adult horror/mystery. It's sort of a collection of short stories that tie in together as a series. I definitely enjoyed these tales and their tails (terrible pun semi-intended). A little childish for adults. A little mature for kids. less
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Loved the artwork in this one. So cute. All of the puppies are great!
Demon frogs, possession, the undead, cats -- what's not to like?
"See, I can't conjure the fire... but I can make it nastier."
Read B's Copy, loved it to death, ordered one of my own!
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