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You Will Pay - For Leaving Me (2000)

by Eve Rabi(Favorite Author)
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You Will Pay
review 1: I really like this book. I read it in one night, the author really captures what it would feel like in that position. How she wanted to leave her abusive, control freak husband. How she kept all the boxes to things she brought so she could sell them when she leaves. Except when she left, things didn't go to plan. -Spoilers-When her daughter was killed by her prick of a husband, I was so angry! She was finally happy with her new boyfriend. Throughout the novel, I kept thinking that the bf was involved but he was just away on police business. Then they framed her husband and got him put in prison! HA!So many twists and turns. Would recommend.
review 2: Wow! This book definitely leaves your heart racing and at times sitting on the edge of your seat. I really like
... more the author's writing style. Definitely "outside the box" of what I consider the normal hero and heroine. Yes, the book was not butterfly kisses and all warm and fuzziness but that's what made the storyline seem real. Real life sometimes has abuse, tragedy, revenge and vengeance before love is able to prevail. Definitely glad I bought it and plan to read more books by this author. less
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Brilliant is the only word I can think of as I finished both books
Tom was fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
not my cup of tea this :(
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