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Zoned For Murder (2012)

by Evelyn David(Favorite Author)
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Evelyn David
review 1: I really enjoyed this cozy as a change of pace from some of the lighter, fluffier cozies I've been reading lately. I classify it as a cozy because it takes place in a village in upstate New York, the sleuth is an amateur, it features quirky but believable locals, the murder takes place off stage, and there is no extreme violence or graphic sex. I wasn't really expecting to like it because discussions of business matters and town council type deliberations usually make my eyes glaze over. But Evelyn David (writing duo Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett) hooked me despite my aversion to such things. I really liked the main character, Maggie Brooks, a young widow now raising two children on her own while working part-time as a reporter for the town's newspaper. Her norm... moreal beat mostly covers bake sales, Little League, and other community events. But when a fight erupts over the development of a shopping mall, she sees an opportunity to use her journalistic skills for the type of story she once did for Newsweek. There is, of course, a struggle between those who want the mall and those who disagree. However, someone in this small town is willing to go any lengths, including murder. And Maggie is determined to find the truth.Maggie is a strong female character, bravely carrying on with life and doing the best she can, which is a lot better than she thinks it is. The pain of her loss was tangible throughout the novel so that I suffered right along with her. I soon found myself rooting for her as she faced each personal and professional struggle and I wanted to high-five her with each triumph, big or small. All done without being maudlin or overly sentimental. Widowhood is not for sissies. Fortunately, thank the Good Lord, I still have my husband of 47 years. But my sister lost her husband a couple of years ago and I saw up close just how painful and disorienting it can be. Maggie is a lot like my sister -- stronger and a lot more courageous than she thinks she is. One of the strongest elements keeping me involved in the novel was the relationship between Maggie and her on-line friend Shelley. The two young widows had never met face to face and yet they developed a strong friendship through sharing the struggles and triumphs of coping with life as recently widowed women. Throughout the novel, they share instant messages with each other - a really nifty way to disclose background information and give insight into Maggie's character. I loved that literary device, so modern and perfect for the purpose. After each event in the mall development escapade, I looked forward to what Maggie and Shelley would say to each other next. I loved this book and recommend it highly. I'm looking forward to more from Maggie Brooks and the Sound Shore Times.
review 2: Zoned For Murder is a good solid mystery set in Milford, an affluent suburb in New York. Our heroine, Maggie Brooks, deals with the sudden death of her husband while juggling a job and raising her two children.The story centers around a proposal for a new mega mall. Funny moments abound throughout. My favorite parts are the encounters with her therapist, Selma - a no nonsense kind of gal - and her on-line buddy, Shelley.The book is loaded with believable characters. David creates people who possess both good and bad qualities. Very realistic.I think you'll enjoy Zoned For Murder, and (like me) you'll be waiting for the second Sound Shore Times Mystery featuring Maggie Brooks.Not to mention the fact that it's a great title if you participate in the 2013 A-Z Reading Challenge!Smart move, Evelyn!!! less
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The perfect e-book to take on the road. Ms. David knows her way around small town government.
Held my attention. Read as an e-book on my phone. Might read another one.
Politics and greed lead to murder. The ending was a surprise.
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