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Sept Psychopathes (2000)

by Fabien Vehlmann(Favorite Author)
2.91 of 5 Votes: 2
2756002933 (ISBN13: 9782756002934)
review 1: A bunch of psychos on a mission to kill Hitler - such fun. Or so I thought... First issue - assembling all the psychos - was good, the best part. I liked it. Although it would be better if we get to know more about the psychos - they could have had better background stories. But that wasn't such a big deal, it was good and I was looking forward to getting to know how things were going to turn out. But the next 2 issues - doing the job ergo killing Hitler - disappointed me. It just went crazy - and not in a good way. The pace of these issues was too fast, so everything happen really quickly and chaotically and I ended up being disappointed by how has such a good idea and set-up got ruined.To sum up: It could have been "fun", it could have been a really great read, but due ... moreto the shortness, it just wasn't. I imagine, if it was longer it would be briliant.
review 2: Great premise, although I think it really lost something being constrained to four single issues. The first half of the book is gathering the team together, and that part is great. Very Dirty Dozen meets Inglorious Basterds. I even like the odd, genre-defying turn when(there be spoilers below)en route to their mission to kill Hitler, one of the team members goes crazy, scattering the team across Germany. Some try to continue the mission, some go off on their own, and one even joins the Nazi cause. The wrap-up happens to quickly, I felt, and could have really used a lot more time to explore what choices these crazies made. The artwork, though, is amazing and very different from what you normally see from Phillips. less
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Fun premise in this Eurpean style graphic novel. Worthwile picking up if you're a Sean Phillips fan.
Could have been something neat, but then just sort of faded away.
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