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The Girl For Me (2000)

by Failte(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I enjoyed this book, I want to first start by saying it's a solid 3.5 star read. I had originally put this on my TBR for a reading challenge which required cross-dressing. Yes, there is cross-dressing, but I feel that it's much more than just a story about a guy (teenage guy actually) who likes to dress in women's clothing. It's about a boy who is discovering that he is not really gay, but quite possibly transgender. This was my first read with a transgender character and it helped to open my eyes to something I didn't know a lot about before hand.
review 2: This is a hard book to rate. Firstly it's free and a very interesting storyline. So huge kudos for that. I was really looking forward to this cross dressing story and elements of it were great. Dani/Danny
... more was definitely complex and her/his journey was definitely one I enjoyed. I liked how it showed the courage it took for Dani to be herself in front of others. Kevin on the other hand, was not believable as a character. There is one scene in particular that I felt ruined the reader's opinion of Kevin and truly offered nothing positive. It didn't feel like those actions were by the Kevin of the rest of the book, both before and after that scene. It just didn't fit.The whole school drama thing was a little.. forced. I think in the hands of a better story teller this book could have been something amazing. It had great potential, but just failed in it's delivery. less
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love this one. a sure good and light read
Nice and easy :)
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