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Fifty Shames Of Earl Gray (2000)

by Fanny Merkin(Favorite Author)
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de Capo Press
Fifty Shames
review 1: Reading two serious, thought-provoking books, needed a 'break'! Found this audiobook . . . resulted in two days of perpetual grin on my face interspersed with frequent loud belly-laughs! I garnered some strange glances & 'move away from' looks as I wandered the grocery aisles 'ears plugged in'. Rated four stars not for it's artistic merit, but for it's clever, clever satire and pure comedy. This book is a parody of Fifty Shade of Grey, may be more enjoyable if you read Shades first. Written by Fanny Merkin, who's actually Brian Shaffer, and he wrote it in ten days. This guy has to be a comedic genius; of course, perhaps it's just my twisted sense of humor, but I loved it. This 'Earl' thinks BDSM is Bards, Dragons, Sorcerers and Magic and is into role playing. Anast... moreasia Steele is portrayed by Ana Steal. It gets worse . . . introduces real-life characters as themselves, and those are people who I thought some of the 'Shades' characters were based on. Were it just the enjoyment factor, this would get a 5 star, but then perhaps I do have a over-developed dysfunctional sense of humor. Recommend to all of my irreverent friends.
review 2: This book had me in tears and pain in my sides/cheeks from laughing so hard. I ended up finding this book in my aunts house while I was babysitting her home so out of boredom I began reading. I've never read the original book just because of all the issues dealing around it however I was not disappointed one bit with this parody. I know details about the history of the original book from the Twilight Fandom and I have to say Andrew...you do us all proud. I'd even go as far to say I fan girl you now. less
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I had a couple of laughs but most of the dialogue was exaggerated and not funny at all.
I have not read fifty shades of gray but this parody was ridiculous.
Super funny! Great relaxing read after something serious/emotional.
funny as hell!
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